Auction Explanations

The classical Arabic word munādāh was derived from the Hispanic Arabic almunáda, which came to our language as ” almoneda”. According to the first meaning of the concept of auction in its dictionary, a coin consists of the sale of personal property that is carried out publicly through a bidding mechanism.

The Justice acts in the auction and is responsible for awarding the right to the subject that offers the highest price. This means that, in bidding, the person who is willing to pay the most money is the one who ends up keeping the product.

By extension, the sales made by individuals following a similar methodology, although without the intervention of the Justice, are called the “almoneda”. The almoneda, this case, is an auction that is carried out for the commercialization of jewels and other merchandise, generally at a low price. The physical space where the operations are carried out is also called almoneda.

However, the existence of many physical and online companies that are stores dedicated to the sale of old products that carry the word almoneda should not be overlooked.

In its origins, the starches were made to commercialize those objects that were obtained in wars (that is, the goods that were taken from the enemies). An expert was in charge of assessing the loot and, starting from the value that he set, the auction began. The highest bid was the way to get what was sold.

In Spain, it is currently called Almoneda is an antiques fair, art galleries and collecting that has been held annually since 1991.

This fair is held annually at IFEMA, which is aimed at the general public and takes place between March and April. Among the exhibitors who shape this event we can highlight from art galleries to antique dealers through art publications and even services related to antiques.

Among the products that can be found in ALMONEDA some of them stand out:
– Restoration products.
-Vintage style clothing and accessories.
-Furniture and decorative objects from the 60s and 70s.
-Objects of archeology.
-Unique pieces with a great historical past.

It is interesting to note also that centuries ago a very interesting proposal was made that responded to the name of “Commonwealth Almoneda” or Carlos I. Almoneda. It was launched in the autumn of 1649 and through it what was done was offer around 1,570 paintings from both England and abroad.

It was a measure that was carried out with the clear purpose of being able to get money. In that coin there were works of art from collectors such as the Duke of Hamilton, the Earl of Arundel or the Duke of Buckingham. A large set of objects of incalculable value.