Ashtag Men’s Bag

Who’s Ashtag?

Behind this name, which might have some a German-sounding, is hiding a mark of good French leather goods bags for men created in 2012 by the French brand bags wife Sabrina, based in Paris, in the Marais district.

Sabrina was itself founded in 2006 by two young Parisian designers, Anya and Michel, passionate about fashion and cinema, brand name paying tribute to Audrey Hepburn for his famous interpretation of the role of anthology for which she rubbed Humphrey Bogart in this famous film Billy Wilder in 1954.

The Spirit of the Sabrina brand embodies since those early charm, chic and daring, pleasant interpretation of what some might consider to be the main facets of the personality of the modern woman … A man collection was then already Sabrina part of the catalog through an interesting choice of usual models of the male universe such as pouches, bags, briefcases, etc.

In 2012, Sabrina decides to launch Ashtag, a real brand bags man independent dedicated entirely to men whose minds completely rompera with the house style, too feminine and sophisticated to embody menswear Ashtag, whose name echoes modernity, communication and the world of the web, of course, offers above all a wide range of bags man for each phase of the daily life of urban man pockets or bags made from leather or canvas and leather, to not to bother; city bag, purse or wallet wide, for a daily charge but more elegant; backpacks, travel bags or bags 24, leisure rhyme with fun and functionality. The set is very well designed, efficient, practical and terribly attractive in their beautiful leather shipped!

Sporting a contemporary style with a touch of vintage, especially with beautiful oiled leather finely veined cow, thick and soft, or those fine cotton cloth dyed soberly Ashtag did fly immediately to men of taste, authentic trend as in this article that talks about the brand. The lines are attractive and balanced, the clean, modern style. No false notes in these collections of bags disclaim all humans accessory formats with relevance and accuracy, providing functional solutions for every need and affixing a nice speedy urban footprint to seduce modern Homo Urbanus.

The collections of bags man Ashtag are complemented by a range of leather wallets and purses, also in bold cowhide leather in shades perfectly matched with the spirit of the bags. Again, flexibility, smoothness, taste president to the aesthetics of these accessories will agree perfectly with bags.

Ashtag has quickly established itself as a reference in the world of men’s fashion, occupying a prominent place a little deserted by most man for leather goods brands in the register: A complete range of quality leather man bags, aesthetically in tune with the times without mimic or replicate the cliches of the genre, offered at rates that intelligently avoid high-end position with a manufacturing outsourced. What may be a defect for some purists local consumption still can divide the price by 2! and make about affordable fashion items that otherwise have little equivalent on the market “made in France” leather goods and especially not at this price!

Anyway, we, we love this brand that fits well with the current idea that one has a good brand man bag: A neat style that has personality, a beautiful leather quality and formats well adapted to the different needs of people today, all without elitism. Look good, not so common!