And Miuccia Prada Revolutionized The Week of Fashion in Milan

You can be agreed or not with the proposals to Miuccia Prada presented season after season on the runway of Milan, but what no one can deny the ability of the designer to renew season after season. On this occasion we leave behind the psychedelic patterns of the fall collection and We enter the Japanese world.

Most of the items that make up the collection (in which return to not find pants except for two or three outings with hot pants) they are decorated with flowers Cherry and lion heart. And the skirts and bodies that do not possess these floral motifs, are made in such a way that they look like pieces of origami.

If we talk about colors, the designer does not move from the Green, black, white, red, and peach. In addition, although it is a collection for next spring-summer season, Miuccia proposes long coats and stoles of hair. To Miuccia not it puts nothing ahead.

Currently, paramount for the Prada luxury firms, and more in the times that run, are the sale of accessories. And while the collection may have certain detractors, these I am sure that they will be exhausted in a matter of minutes. Sunglasses and handbags that will delight the regular buyers of the Italian brand, and those who are not so.

What most called the attention of all the parade were shoes … or lack of them. There is no medium term for Prada and at the foot of the models we could see both calcetines-zapato skin with ties at the top or around the foot as decorated platforms. One example of the opulence of the Asian territory.