American University of Nigeria (AUN)

According to abbreviationfinder, American University of Nigeria is commonly known as AUN. American University of Nigeria (AUN) was founded in 2004 by the Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, and chartered by the Federal Government of Nigeria. This private university has been a leader in higher education in Nigeria since its inception. AUN is located in Yola, Adamawa State, and is the first American-style university to be established in Sub-Saharan Africa. The University has been accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) since 2005, and offers a wide range of degree programs from undergraduate to doctoral level.

AUN is committed to providing world-class teaching and research facilities for its students and faculty members. The University has established several research centers that are dedicated to exploring topics such as health sciences, environmental studies, engineering and technology, business management and finance, international relations and law. AUN also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities such as sports teams, student clubs and societies, career services, internships programs and other student support services. In addition to its academic offerings and extracurricular activities, AUN also provides housing options for both on-campus living as well as off-campus living arrangements.

The University’s commitment to providing quality education is reflected in its strategic plans which seek to enhance teaching excellence through the use of technology; expand access to higher education; create an environment conducive for learning; promote research opportunities; develop strong links with industry; foster global collaborations; create an effective management system; increase financial resources through endowments; build an excellent faculty base; develop an international reputation for excellence; support community initiatives; promote gender equity; and provide student welfare services.

AUN strives for excellence in all its endeavors with focus on developing students into leaders who can make meaningful contributions to their respective communities. The University encourages students from diverse backgrounds including those from low income families or those who have experienced hardship due to socio-economic or political conditions. AUN also works closely with local communities by providing scholarships for underprivileged children so that they can gain access to quality education at AUN or other institutions nationally or internationally.

American University of Nigeria

Admissions Statistics

The American University of Nigeria is a private university located in Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria. It was founded in 2004 and is the first American-style institution of higher education in the country. The university has a total enrollment of over 2,000 students from over 40 countries, with more than 500 faculty and staff members. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in various disciplines including economics, business administration, information technology, engineering and international relations. The admissions process at the university follows a selective approach based on academic merit and leadership potential. In order to be considered for admission into one of the programs offered at the university, applicants must submit their academic transcripts as well as their scores from either the SAT or ACT tests. Additionally, applicants must provide letters of recommendation from teachers or mentors who can attest to their academic ability and leadership potential. Once admitted to the university, students must complete a comprehensive orientation program which includes both academic and social activities.

Departments and Degrees Offered

American University of Nigeria offers a variety of degree programs across multiple departments. The School of Arts & Sciences has a wide range of degree options including Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and Bachelor of Science in Economics. The School also offers an Honors Program for highly motivated students who wish to pursue their academic goals with even greater rigor.

The School of Engineering provides a number of specialized degrees such as BSc in Civil Engineering, BSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, BSc in Mechanical Engineering, and BSc in Petroleum Engineering. Additionally, the School offers Masters Degrees and Doctoral Degrees for those wishing to pursue further study.

The School of Law is another major department at American University Nigeria. It offers JD Degree programs with concentrations in Corporate Law and International Law as well as LLM Degree Programs with concentrations ranging from Corporate Governance to International Trade Law. The School also provides an LLM program for non-lawyers interested in deepening their legal knowledge.

The Department of Medicine provides both undergraduate and graduate degree programs for aspiring medical professionals such as the Doctorate Degree in Medicine (MD) or the Master’s Degree Program (MS) for those wishing to specialize further within the field. The Department also has a robust research program that facilitates collaborations between students and faculty members from around the world on topics related to medicine.

Finally, American University Nigeria has several specialized Centers that are dedicated to studying certain aspects related to African culture or development such as the Center for African Studies or the Center for Leadership Development & Research. These Centers


American University of Nigeria (AUN) is consistently ranked among the top universities in Nigeria and Africa. It was recently voted the number one private university in Nigeria by the Nigerian Universities Commission. The university’s commitment to excellence has enabled it to be awarded the International Quality Crown Award for Excellence in Education, Leadership and Management by the Business Initiative Directions (BID) Group. The award recognizes AUN’s commitment to providing a quality education for its students.

AUN has also been recognised by Times Higher Education as one of the top 200 universities in Africa for 2020, placing it at number 174 out of 200 universities on the continent. AUN is also a member of The Association of African Universities (AAU),