Alibi Explanations

It is known as an alibi to the action of alleging in defense of an inmate, through evidence or evidence to prove his innocence, in relation to the accusation or involvement of a crime.

Etymologically, the term Álibi is Latin in origin meaning “elsewhere”.

The term alibi is synonymous with alibi, this term being used in some legal systems, in the criminal area. In the legal context, Alibi can be considered as an inmate’s tool to demonstrate that at the time the crime was committed he was in another place.

As such, the presentation of an alibi can be seen as a means of defense in which it indicates the impossibility of the defendant’s participation in the execution of the crime, because there is reliable evidence that the accused could not be present or participate in active way in the realization of the crime, since this was in another place and / or with people who can prove the innocence of it.

An album can be a document, photograph, witnesses, or any other evidence that can prove its innocence.

However, perfect alibi, also known in another language as “perfect alibi”, is the title of a film where he presides over the suspense and intrigue of the spectators, directed by Peter Howitt, and among his actors are Samuel Jackson, Dominic Cooper, Erin Karpluk, Dylan Taylo, among others.

It is about a prosecutor named Mitch who runs over a person, and in order not to destroy his professional prestige he decides to flee, and in the meantime another man was around the area and was unjustly accused of the crime, and the lawyer called to defend him was Mitch

Alibi perfect

The perfect alibi refers when the accused presents an incontestable proof of innocence, in a situation where he is accused of something illegal or unfair.

In consideration of the above, the perfect album can be seen as an et de jure test, a presumption that does not admit evidence to the contrary. For example: the defendant could not have committed the aforementioned crime, because the crime scene was in Venezuela, and by that time he was in Portugal, which can be demonstrated with the passport.