Alcoholorexia Explanations

The term alcoholorexia is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). Its use, however, is frequent in medicine: alcoholism is a combination of an eating disorder with excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.

It can be said that alcoholorexia is a disease that combines anorexia nervosa with alcoholism. Those who suffer from this disorder do not eat food but, simultaneously, consume a large amount of alcohol. In this way, they receive calories from alcoholic beverages and do not eat with the intention of “balancing” said level of calories and thus not gain weight.

Among the symptoms that clearly indicate that a person suffers from alcoholism are the following: -He drinks
very frequently and is always ready to have a glass of any alcoholic beverage.
-You skip any of the meals or find a pretext for not eating food.
-It should also be emphasized that it is indicated that those who suffer from alcoholism have little energy, it seems that they are always tired.
– No less important is to know that those who have the aforementioned problem are very frequent who witness how their hair begins to fall out in a really forceful way.
-In this list of symptoms or signs that indicate that you suffer from alcoholism, there is also the fact that the individual in question clearly changes his way of being. And is that now he is much more susceptible and irritable, he experiences mood swings for no apparent reason, he has become less cheerful and sociable…
-He has a real panic to get fat. Hence, he eats little and in a very controlled way.

Adolescents and young people are the groups most affected by alcoholorexia. To all of the above, we must add that studies indicate that the people most prone to suffer from alcohol-related disorders are university women. And it is considered that at that moment in their lives they want to enjoy to the maximum the freedom and independence that they have in every way.

In some countries, a trend has been detected that implies not eating properly during the week to drink excess alcohol during the weekend without gaining weight, compensating for the lack of calories. Such conduct, of course, generates serious health problems and can lead to death.

The possibility of getting drunk faster by not having food in the stomach and the chance of spending money from food to purchase alcoholic beverages are other causes that lead to alcoholorexia, a disorder that affects women more than to men, according to different studies.

Modifications of the heart rate, memory problems, damage to neurons and lack of nutrients and vitamins are some of the consequences of alcoholorexia, which also favors the person, due to his general condition, contracting various diseases.

Kidney and liver damage as well as malnutrition problems and noticeable tiredness are other consequences suffered by those who suffer from alcohol-related disorders. That without forgetting heart problems and diseases, anemia, ethyl coma, failures in the most important organs…