Albany, New York

According to Toppharmacyschools, Albany is the capital of the US state of New York. The city itself has 99,000 inhabitants, but has an agglomeration with 899,000 inhabitants (2021), including the cities of Troy, Schenectady and Rotterdam.


The Empire State Plaza.

Albany is located on the Hudson River, and the Mohawk River flows just north of the city. The city is located 210 kilometers north of New York City and 200 kilometers east of Syracuse. Boston is 220 kilometers to the east, and Montreal is 325 kilometers to the north. The economy is heavily dependent on the New York state government. The state government is located in the striking Empire State Plaza, among other places. Since the state of New York has many inhabitants, the size of the government is quite large. In addition, the technology sector is important for the urban area. The population decreased from 135,000 in 1950 to 97,000 in 2010. The agglomeration actually consists of two centers that have grown together, on the one hand Albany with suburbs such as Rensselaer, Troy, Watervliet and Rensselaerville, and on the other Schenectady with suburbs such as Scotia and Rotterdam. A little to the west is the city of Amsterdam. The number of Dutch names is striking, because it was once founded by Dutch people.

Road network

The South Mall Arterial at the Empire State Plaza.

Although the highway network is not very large, Albany is located at an important intersection, Interstate 87 runs from New York City to Montreal in the north, and Interstate 90 runs from Buffalo and Rochester to Boston. The New York State Thruway runs alongside the city, a toll road made up of portions of I-87 and I-90. Interstate 88 comes from Binghamton in the southwest and ends at Rotterdam. In addition, there are two urban Interstate Highways, Interstate 787 in Albany and Interstate 890 in Schenectady. State Route 7 connects I-787 to I-87 north of the city, and State Route 85 is an approach road from Albany on the west side of the city. In addition, major US Highways pass through the city, such as US 4, US 9 and US 20.


Albany is not very traffic sensitive. Traffic jams are often short and usually the result of an outdated road network with outdated design requirements.

Albany, New York