Acquis Explanations

Acquis is the abundance of small things. Also, acquis is the credit that belongs in common to the collective of people. The term acquis is of Latin origin “acervus” which means “accumulation of things . 

The term acquis may be present in different contexts. The cultural heritage of a population, are all cultural and artistic manifestations formed by the traditions, customs and habits that are transmitted from generation to generation, the documentary collection are all books or documents that belong to a specific topic.

In the legal field, acquis are all assets that belong to an inheritance or heritage. Likewise, in this sense, the community acquis is the normative set that governs the European Union from rules that originated treaties as modifications or aggregates that have been made in order to achieve harmony between citizens of various countries.

In the field of science, the scientific heritage is the conglomeration of knowledge that a scientific community obtains through research on a given topic. The genetic heritage is the complete set of alleles that may be present in the combination of genes for a given species or population.

The word acquis is used as a synonym for: cluster, collection, heritage, belonging, among others. Instead, the antonym of acquis is: lack.