Achadões: the Irreverence of Calm Monga!

Achadões returning with everything too after withdrawal period. And, to return in a big way, today we will talk about a brand that long ago you clamor to appear here.

Yes since I announced the strategic change here at Achadões (if you don’t remember, here’s the post that explains everything), which a lot of people come here to tell me of the Calm Monga! The unusual name brand was born I Pernambuco and produces handbags and accessories full of originality.

Calm Monga! believes in the development of a local trade fair and conscious. Therefore, their products are created and produced there in Recife and don’t use absolutely no raw material of animal origin.

To fall in love once, simply enter the site and flirt each brand’s creations. A bag more charming than the other. Here are some of my favorites.

Look at that bed of straw, Brazil! It’s not the most beautiful thing, baby, rajendrapatilpatil you ever saw in your life? Made of synthetic leather and straw leaves for R$82,90 here.

This suede Blue has that size perfect for day to day: not too big, not too small. Fit everything you need for a day of work. By R$159,90 here.

And what about a suitcase bearing the name of your favorite film director? Because that is exactly the case of Suitcase Wes Anderson. In fact this whole collection of calm Monga! was inspired in his filmography and, therefore, all the pieces have names which refer to the work of the Director. But this bag really won my heart. With retro perfumes, it is perfect for a romantic weekend (or not   out of town. By R$249,90 here.

Now if the idea is a scholarship to a ballad, then we also have the solution of your problems (in style, of course). The stock market Party doesn’t have that name for nothing. She is small in extent to fit the cell, document, money and a batonzinho. The essentials for a night and dance freely. By R$69,00 here.

Those who follow the blog for some time already know that I have a crush on grants round. Because calm Monga has several, with various colors and textures. I loved this wine, with medium texture of cobra (and synthetic leather!). By R$69,00 here.

To finish, nothing like a bag that looks more like a jewelry box. Small, but full of charm. everything about her is a treat. Of colors to the shape, of course, by the Ribbon with bow. Most beautiful thing! By R$139,90 here.

Ready! Another brazilian brand, talented and very good for you keep it in there and, of course, click here on their site to see even more.