9 Infallible Tips for Choosing the Perfect Suitcase

Bags there are many, but with our tips will choose the perfect travel bag!  Know what to keep in mind when purchasing your luggage.

Are you going on a trip and want to  choose the perfect travel bag?  Know what to keep in mind when buying the luggage that will accompany you to your destination.

When shopping for a travel bag you should take into account not only the destination, the transportation and the duration of the trip, but also your own personality as a traveler. If you like camping, you’ll probably prefer a bag with enough pockets to put all the extras; If you are a businessman, the ideal will be a more rigid case with compartments for electronic devices; A fashionista will value an interior that keeps the clothes properly stretched and without wrinkles.

So, to avoid unnecessary stress, it is essential to choose the right bag for you. Knowing the variety of the available offer, and in order to facilitate your selection, we present a set of essential tips.



Even if the intention is to give little or frequent use to the suitcase, a durable and sturdy suitcase should be your concern, as no one would like to pick up the bag at an airport and find it torn, spoiled, or without wheels.

Try to invest in a good brand that is recognized and guaranteed to ensure that you are choosing the perfect travel bag. Here you should choose one of the following solutions:

Rigid case

The rigid cases are produced with high durability materials, such as polycarbonate and polypropylene, and contain some unique patented compositions. The higher the rigidity, the more endurance you can offer. These bags are more resistant to impacts and, in addition, are impermeable.

You can find options  rigid bags of medium size in Samsonite , with prices ranging between  129 €  and  555 € .

If looking for something more affordable prices for  strict average luggage in Paco Martinez store , range between   48,99 €  and   89,99 € .

Fabric handbag

The fabric bags are less hard and therefore less heavy because they are made of polyester and nylon according to MATHGENERAL. They better resist shocks and have the advantage of being able to fit anywhere. They are usually cheaper, but they wear out more easily. It is important to keep in mind the fabric, which should be quite sturdy, washable and ideally waterproof.