5 Essential Things to Always Carry in Hand Luggage(Infographic)

Each person has his or her craziness when it comes to hand luggage: some like to carry everything that is possible while others carry only one bag with the minimum necessary!  Regardless of which group you are in, having a hand luggage with important items always together with you is essential.

It is this suitcase or backpack that you will carry inside the plane, which does not need to be checked(and therefore has some restrictions). Below, we mention items that we of Viajali consider relevant so that everyone always carries in the hand luggage, check it out!

1. A change of clothes

It is always important to have an extra piece in case there is an unforeseen event, such as having checked luggage lost. In some cases, airlines take more than 48 hours to return their luggage… Prevening is better than cure.

You can bring a T-shirt, a pair of socks and a piece of underwear. If you want to make it even more complete, wear a thin scarf, they are great for protecting your neck and throat.

2. Hygiene kit

Toothbrush, small paste, mini deodorant and even a bundle of moist tissues guarantee your personal hygiene. Some airlines offer some of these items in small kits on international flights, but again, it is best to ensure.

The items can not be more than 100ml and the deodorant can not be aerosol. Remember to put a cocoa butter together, the air conditioning of the plane can dry out your lips.

3. Remedies

Your medications can go with you in your carry-on. It can be a medicine for nausea that you think you need to take on the trip, a headache and even your controlled medications.

Never pack these items because if the misfortune of lost luggage happens you run the risk of being without some essential medication for your health. Remember to take their medical prescription. It is difficult for airport surveillance to blur this, but if you have the opportunity, especially for controlled drugs, do so.

4. Electronics for fun

Tablet, digital book reader and portable consoles are good options to avoid boredom on long trips. The tip of carrying your own headphones is essential: Okay, the airline offers one for you, but whoever has a good, well-insulated phone is going to suffer horrors with the basic ones we get on the planes.

5. Snacks

“Eita, Viajali, but they offer snack on the plane.” Yes, they do, but what if you do not like the snack? What if you have some food restriction and even flagging it on the airline’s website, you do not enjoy the snack? Again,”insurance died of old”! You can take a cereal bar, a snack or a small bundle of biscuits for a quick snack, especially if you want to avoid spending a fortune at airports.

And then, tell us what item you consider essential to always carry in your bag. We recommend from Aristmarketing.com reading a text that speaks of easy ways to prevent lost luggage. Also, how about becoming a master at the art of bagging? Check out our article on this subject. Good trip!