11 New Year’s Eve Bags with Seal Made in Spain

11 New Year's Eve Bags with Seal Made in Spain

Already smells of Christmas and the new year’s Eve is just around the corner, so if you don’t clear the outfit you’re going to look to dismiss the or, we recommend that you put the batteries and you start to think about the look that you are going to welcome to 2017.

11 New Year's Eve Bags with Seal Made in Spain

Black color, elegant dresses and stiletto heels should not miss on the night of December 31. Remember that the bag will be the key you get to make a difference and bring that touch of glamour and exclusivity to your sophisticated look.

It is essential that you hit with your choice and you bet by a bag allowing you to combine perfectly with your stylist and give this leap in quality. The important thing is not what you wear, but how take you it.

In MBMV already we have set us to work with our new year’s Eve outfits, and after taking a look at the latest trends in this accessory that all points will triumph this end of the year, we have made a compilation of 11 bags of new year’s Eve stamped made in Spainyou will win from the first moment that you see them. 11 surebets of Spanish brands that allow you to enjoy greater elegance and personality. Don’t miss them!!


Capazonia surprise us with this beautiful clutch type above black that combines three types of different skins that manage to not pass unnoticed. A hand-sewn bag with interlaced with a lining in lamb nappa. It stands out for the mini Buffalo in Palladium, a silvery metal which is known as white gold, which used to close. Made by hand, will bring that touch of distinction that we are both looking for new year’s Eve and that elegance that will allow you to succeed in your day to day.


Tous brings us this clutch Britane; a design type box that breaks all the schemes and that will not leave anyone indifferent. Made in methacrylate, it includes elements of precious stones in shades of white and gray on a black background which makes it one of the best options. Closure is the emblematic brand Tous in silver, and incorporates an also silver chain that allows you to take it hung on the shoulder as a shoulder bag.

Roberto Verino

This model of Roberto Verino is one of our favorite for this new year’s Eve. A bag clutch with natural feathers of ostrich that will bring a plus of elegance and personality to your look. Ideal for those women who don’t want to pass unnoticed, incorporates a removable metal chain and a snap in which appears the characteristic logo of Roberto Verino RV. Available in two colors.

Juanjo Oliva

The prestigious designer Juanjo Oliva presents us with an option to take into account to this end of the year. A clutch with a combination of lurex – synthetic, elastic and glossy fiber formed by fine wires of aluminium – and silk that plays with the black and gold for the most elegant appearance so necessary in a special night. A model of influence vintage perfect to look, for example, with an elegant black monkey.

Angel Schlesser

The Spanish designer Ángel Schlesser offers an excellent option to dismiss this 2016 as it deserves. A wallet that stands out for its elegance and sophistication, made of patent leather and incorporates a double flap closure that makes it a unique model. It also surprises with a hidden pocket in the outside zipper that will offer you more comfort so you can take those articles that can not miss on this night. A perfect Basic for the most unforgettable nights.

Ursula Mascaro

We love this bag for new year’s eve of Ursula Mascaro. A tote bag made in napa metallized color bronze, carrying a metallic golden chain. The close tab-shaped front Ursula Mascaro firm logo also incorporates in golden color. Ideal to complete those sophisticated looks without giving up comfort.

Hannibal Laguna

Hannibal Laguna is one of the most prominent worldwide Spanish designers, so it could not miss in our list. All models available, we have we opted for this bag midi which as well as helping you to succeed in this new year’s Eve, will also serve to use it more later and bring the most elegant touch to your daily outfis.

It is of a bag with a rectangular design that carries an automatic closing and showing on the front the logo of Hannibal Laguna.Bronze colour, is made in premium leather, and surprises with a metallic details handles and a string bass in gold that will allow you to take it hung on the shoulder in the most comfortable way possible.

Purificación García

Purificación García is next to Hannibal Laguna other designers who boast greater prestige at international level. A firm that we won with this clutch kendall type box and a few sides with concave shape, which includes a few trinkets which create a few fringes that are displayed as its hallmark. Black is a sure bet for this new year’s Eve.

Rosa Clara

The designer Rosa Clará bet by a clutch easy and elegant in gray, ideal to complete your look without reaching overcrowd it. Made in leather, it has a flap in envelope that incorporates a detail of precious stones that you will get with your style shine the last night of the year on the front.

Sakelo Bags

Sakelo Bags brings us this precious patent leather clutch bag, which will bring elegance and will get a leap of quality to your look for this new year’s Eve. Available in four different colors (bronze, champagne, black and silver), stands out with a metal nozzle in a loop at the end.

It has a way to landscape so you that you can wear the most essential without sacrificing elegance accessories, and incorporates a chain in gold so you can wear it hanging on his shoulder.

Carla Lopez

Carla López is a characteristic signature Spanish perfect for those women who attract the attention of the rest of the guests and not go unnoticed like. It has a wide variety of handbags that surprise with modern and innovative designs that without forgetting the elegance, manage to stand out above the rest and complete the most iconic outfits.

We are left with this model nose red, made by hand with premium leather and which stands out for its triangular design which makes it different. Although undoubtedly the most characteristic of the bag is the sculpture of nose that includes on the front, which looks like the image of a face and getting to make a bag of the most innovative and surprising.

You know, if you do not have your bag of new year’s Eve don’t miss these marks stamped Made in Spain. 11 infallible that you’ll look perfect and options that allow you to dismiss the year on a high. In addition, you can take advantage of them later and include them in your outfits more sophisticated and elegant, you can ask something more?