The Clutch “Le Rouge in Love” Lancome by Olympia Le Tan, to Guard All Our Treasures

Olympia Le Tan It is an eclectic designer born in London, but educated in Paris, daughter of the famous Illustrator Pierre Le Tan. After working for many years with Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel and also with Gilles Dufour for Balmain, decided to become independent, and launch a series of clutchs inspired by the great classics of literature, which were soon fit in the heart of the celebrities.

When to the footballer Marc Jacobs decided to sell these original handbags through its website, the firm responsible for Lancome were encouraged to hire Olympia, to you also design a model that served from case for a limited edition, which would only be built 100 units, and that it would be sold for the modest price of 1,200 euros. How difficult is to be an addicted beauty!

It took a price which, although initially it may seem prohibitive, seems more justified when we learned that for the manufacture of each of these clutchs 18 hours of work; and inside guard a wonderful set of enamels makeup nails, and a collection of lipsticks belonging to the last season.

The clutch “Le Rouge in Love” Lancome by Olympia Le Tan protects a chest within a Book on its cover, carrying embroidery another book held by two hands and where you can see, also embroidery, large lips painted red, which seem to have been handing out kisses right and left.

The proposals of Olympia Le Tan they have managed to conquer to celebrities of the stature of Michelle Williams or Natalie Portman, who did not hesitate to wear them on the red carpet to add a hint of irony to their elegant outfits. The good news, is that we will be able to recycle this case. Thank you Lancome for thinking of us!