Rachael Blake or Bringing a Clutch Swarovski with Style at Cannes 2011

The Australian actress Rachael Blake attended the Premiere film “ Sleeping Beauty ” with a sensational look. All brightness by the choice of the ivory-coloured pink on her dress, very flattering when you want to soften the facial features. Watch How is a clutch with style.

In the photo main poses between Director Julia Leigh and producer Jessica Brentnall. I don’t know how came Julia Leigh without an event evening bag like this, but it should be one. But let’s talk about that if they see and the correct way to take it: between the pads of the fingers and Palm. The ideal is to take it on the left (unless you are left-handed) in order to liberate the dexterous hand.

The is bag pave crystals Swarovski as well as earrings. Manicure in a soft iridescent pink detail is a success. It is critical you the absence of dress sleeves because his arms are too wide to bring them into the open. Except for this detail and that a collected would sit him fantastically, it was very elegant.