Olympia Le-Tan, The Most Desired Bags of The Moment

It seems that the fashion has no barriers and nowadays anything goes. The ultimate in become fashionable among celebrities and socialite are called clutches-books, I mean, hand bags in the form of old book. The creator of this fashion is none other than designer Olympia Le-Tan, from their website offering season after season the most important best-seller of literary history.

Among the most admired are the famous story Moby Dick: each model is handmade by what its editing is always limited. People began to look at this firm after Natalie Portman He looked one of your ‘books’ at the premiere of Black Swan.

The materials used? Wood covered with fabric embroidered to give shape to the ‘top’.

Since there are many firms that wanted to emulate this trend and they have already launched their versions: Kate Spade does so with eye-catching as the yellow colors or the color mauve.

Y Chanel It shows us that you can adapt this fashion to his faithful style: padding and with the logo of the firm French, not lost one iota of its style.

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