Fernweh Bags with Landscape Motifs by Lee Coren

Textildesigner Lee Coren photographed the world around her and prints the motifs on bags and other accessories.

Fernweh Bags with Landscape Motifs by Lee Coren

Valentino Garavani once said: “As far as good taste is concerned, the accessory is always a balancing act. A handbag can either give the finishing touch to an outfit – or break it. ” The great Italian fashion designer, of course, is quite right. With accessories, especially bags, it is always a tightrope walk. They should not look boring, but still so discreet that they do not dominate the look completely or even ruin.
That’s why I would like to introduce you today to an accessory designer, who masters her subject almost masterly. In fact, I’ve fallen in love with her Etsy shop some time ago. The bags as well as individual bags, which Lee Coren printed with fascinating landscape motifs, inspired me at that time that I ordered one immediately. Coren lives in Jaffa and Israel and has discovered her affinity for textile crafts in her design studies. Since then, she has been making bags and other accessories with prints of her own travel photos from the desert, the sea or mountain ranges – for what is more beautiful than nature? – a personal touch.

My choice fell to the Dead Sea Tote Bag and I still love it today as on the first day. For me it is the perfect size. It is not too bulky and not too heavy. Nevertheless, space is available for newspaper, book and even laptop. The most beautiful thing about her is, of course, the spherical motif that the designer took in Israel at the Dead Sea. It is very special, without too obtrusive, and the soft pastel tones fit (almost) to anything, especially now in spring.

Lee Coren brings her motifs by hand in screen printing and uses high-quality vegan leather and natural cotton. That the products are excellently processed, I can only confirm you. Unfortunately, I usually do not handle my bags with particular care, but the Dead Sea Tote still does not show any signs of wear.

In addition to bags, clutches and pouches, Lee Coren also has delicate, printed cotton gauze in the program. The designer is dreaming of being able to print even more fashion and even home accessories. This dream, I join at the same time.