Dolce & Gabbana Declined to Empress Theodora in All Possible Versions

Teodora, Byzantine empress spouse of Justiniano I, would probably be women more influential and powerful in the history of the Roman Empire. This woman – who was named santa by the Orthodox Church-, was the daughter of a Tamer of bears and a dancer, and before Justinian made a living through a combination of theatrical and sexual skills.

Theodora is that famous phrase that says “the purple is an excellent shroud” (which translated, is to say that it is better to die defending your status before running away scared and living in exile). Us not surprising therefore that both Domenico Dolce as Stefano Gabbana feel absolutely fascinated by the halo of this powerful woman who, above all, we know by the mosaics which, still today, preserved it in the Church of San Vitale in Ravenna.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have been able reflect the richness of the Gold sculpted in the altarpieces style Baroque the altars on corsets and dresses, short and long, made of mosaics and set with coloured stones. It is not surprising that a Anna dello Russo, installed in the frontrow and quite excited, not stop shooting with your mobile each and every one of the models that were appearing on the scene.

The two designers explained later, in press conference, that the inspiration for your collection autumn/winter 2013-2014 arose from “an absolute devotion by the art of the tailor, of the Court, but also of the fabrics and of the details”.

And that, to shape it, used the technique of the Mosaic -a pictorial work prepared with patience and care, with small tesserae Stone, ceramic or illustration. An art that requires time and an extremely precision, for certain rinterpretar icons like that even today you can see in some churches or in cathedrals as the Monreale in Sicily.

The sacred faces have been printed or reproduced by beading on velvet embroidery. The two designers were the tops in fabric Prince of Wales, in black and white, and suits with retro skirts in tweed (two fabric traditionally used for male costumes).

Associated with white shirts cotton, with sleeves embroidered also in white – that evoke the primicomulgantes dresses (these shirts represent the more commercial part of this collection).

Accessories are also very important elements in this collection, which touches to the models with Headbands and small Hair Combs adorned with stones and flowers the style of the of Capodimonte, and with shoes and handbags as a model Miss Sicily and the Dolce Bag With embroidery also inspired in the mosaics.

I confess that I have rechiflado collection. I may be excessive, but fashion to art with a capital raising. And, never better!