Chanel Mademoiselle ‘Bowling’ at Galuchat, Satin, Perforated Patent Leather or Karung Snake

A new matelasse has become part of the family of iconic Chanel bags: Chanel Mademoiselle. Never in history had won both the single life of a fascinating woman. Coco broke all kinds of schemes, personal and creative.

The way that I present is of a bowling bag. They exist in different sizes, from mini to maxi. But they have released it in such amount of finishes that I have cherished show them with the most diverse materials. The same model made in galuchat, alligator, perforated patent leather karung snake.

Cover photo of bowling is made in karung snake. Among the species of these reptiles as requested by your skin in leather goods, the karung)Acrochordidae Javanicus) is the most appreciated. And their meat is also luxury product.

Large iridescent veal bowling

This black big bowling (there is still the maxi) is in the skin of iridescent veal. Look at the two chains of these two first Mademoiselle handbags: the first is one chain Mademoiselle (my favorite), the second has an interlaced chain.

Small bowling in galuchat

Recently I explained that the galuchat is one tanned skin of fish. The relief that has this material once Treaty is fascinating, I like very much. And in this blue, even more.

Red patent leather small bowling

I always see the red patent leather to the Valentino, for a party, a cocktail, a vernissage. The high gloss of patent leather is cheerful whatever the color of the skin. A classic of brushstroke timeless.

Bowling in black satin

The luster of this black bowling is also ideal for a party look: is Silk Satin. Mademoiselle chain and the Chanel pendant as decoration of the range. If you go on the official website you will see the different available colors: Navy Blue, beige or coral.

The perforated patent leather

They have used for this model perforated with finished patent calfskin. It is sewn by hand, all a work of art in leather goods. Combinations of background color with black, white or red are for the most Chic.

In iguana skin

Look at the game’s texture of this small bowling in iguana. The relief of the skin is more grain the ends and more smooth in the middle. In black with the Cadena-Joya and the charm Gold is precious but dorado model is spectacular, with a fabulous two-color result.

There are still some finishes as the fabric (I do not like anything, looks like a bag of Grandma), of crocodile in Brown Mole (I want it!) and in glossy calfskin, all of them are present in the image gallery. What is your favorite?

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