Billie Achilleos and Louis Vuitton: Making Off

The British artist Billie Achilleos, along with the French maison Louis Vuitton they have created some unique pieces by way of animals with small leather accessories

In this video I show you how belts, wallets, bracelets, Achilleos arrives to draw the first and translate after animals. Heart shaped purses come to life in your hands, it’s great!

An armadillo, a chameleon, a Grasshopper and a beaver. Handbags, small bags… a whole universe of leather accessories at your disposal.

A new partnership of the luxury firm which is attached, in this case, a artist and blogguera English, graduate of Wimbledon College for Art in 2007 with a BA in Technical Arts and Special Effects. His works have been seen in opera houses, theatres, movies, advertising…

You can see the images in the gallery. With what do you stay?

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