A ‘Rendez-Vous’ Exclusive Boutiques Roger Vivier. Spring/Summer 2013

The presentation of the Collections Rendez-Vous shoes and handbags Roger Vivier they are a social rather than a commercial event in the boutiques selected for the Tour. The limited edition Spring/summer 2013 It is now ready and will travel to Hong Kong, Taipei, Paris, London, Milan, New York and Miami.

If I say “Prism”, would see it shaping to? the clutch and handbags from the collection? Is the decorative motive which inspired Bruno Frisoni, Creative Director of la Maison, in a catalogue where they fit very different styles.

I tell you how the presentation of the collections Rendez-Vous at the same time we discussed the different models. The first in Pink bubble gum transmits the complicity of a capricious Kiss, the “No secret” clutch. It has much spark.


The limited editions they have a particular stock, they do not become to produce more pairs of shoes or bags. There are people there, all numbered with its own serial number. If you have a number fetish, sorry to say that the customer can not choose, the signature is that associated with each item number.

In the photo above, one of two bags inspired by the Prism under a vision Cubist. “Cubiste Clutch” is made with different pieces inspired by the facets of the Prism, they fit perfectly is not an easy task. Contrasting colours and thousands of sequin hand bag makes a sophisticated accessory perfect for a party look. In the Gallery of images, the “Cubiste Bag”, if you prefer

Quoted in the boutique nearest Roger Vivier

The Rendez-Vous arrives at the boutiques with the other collections but they are exclusive references presented attending appointments arranged. Are not always available and as they are in charge, the pairs of shoes are discounted the initial stock. For example, each carving has 15 pairs, they all share serial number.

Not the clutch seems inspiring you with? form of poppy in blood-red color? My imagination sees a piece of Coral. A model inspired in Irving Penn, hauntingly exquisite.

The nude It also invades accessories, a perfect wildcard to match any color garment. More difficult still, to fit the polyhedral pieces in leather with embossed floral. Stiletto and hand game bag “Fleur de Peau”, with handle long chain of Haute Couture.

Test in black satin shoes

With the collection, travel three models of test shoes manufactured in black satin. Available in all sizes, these are couples who the clients are tested. The exclusivity of Rendez-Vous requires that the chosen pair is responsible firm. You must be patient and wait 2-3 weeks to receive your RV shoes.

The Stiletto of the photo above is a work of art. Romantic and ultra-feminine, the shoe is made of delicate embroidery forming waves. Imagine the small black bangs of the edge onto the skin of the foot, a instep irresistible.

Some of the most exclusive pairs can take longer but the Maison promises not delayed beyond three months. The Tour began in December 2012 and will be soon available in the 10 boutiques the Stiletto Shoemaker has opened around the world.

Has made me very funny listening to the Arabic music that are triggered by visiting the official website. I thought that I had the wrong link or that he was a pop-up advertising. But the skyline of Dubai It is unmistakable, it’s the presentation of the new point of sale Open in December 2012. The Dubai Mall It has been chosen by the French brand Mall.

To dismiss this post, a sculpted unique model in in pear wood. A model of minimalism, the clutch “Prism” highlighted by the craftsmanship even in as discreet as the light wood color. A collection that also boasts the elegant Black, a color that can not miss never.

Above, you have already seen it done in galuchat, the Caviar bag It is all glamour. The glossy finish, golden chain handle with thick rings to the sailor, parts of the Prism. Available in tote bag (can see it in the image gallery), is perfect for an elegant look that does not want to move away from the sobriety but neither of the modernity.

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